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You will learn about prayer and drawing close to the Lord - even when you feel alone. Here, we share hope. The kind that is everlasting. Whether you are single, married, working, parenting, or retired - the strategies and inspiration shared here will help you navigate the season you face. That's because the Word of God is for all seasons of life. With Jesus, we live with purpose because we were created on purpose and for a purpose.

Knowing who you are matters. Valuing yourself matters. Living with self-worth matters.
But do you know what matters most?

It's that you are a child of the One true God. And that truth effects every relationship you will ever have. The health and success of your friendships, marriage, parenting, and extended family all depend on how deeply you 

Discover Your True Identity

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A Sampling of Resources You Will Find in the Library of Hope
Rising Above the Emotional Pain of Rejection and Betrayal
Scripture Based Journal & Growth Guide! 

Printable Bible Verse Cards to
Keep With You Wherever You Go

The newest resource is a printable, practical,
and free resource perfect for individuals,
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